audio/video post-production


I mix music & sound for a wide variety of media, including film, television, internet & video games.  I have recently been doing more score mixing for short films & video games.  In addition, I am also collaborate with 3 other artists creating production music under the shell company of Factory Fromage.

Have a listen to some selected tracks.

Swamp Demon - Ether

<i>Thin White Line</i> - Harlott
Viewpoint Score
Viewpoint Score Only
<i>Swamp Demon</i> - Ether
<i>Je' Lai Teue</i>  Jennifer Kes Remington
Plane - Factory Fromage
December - Factory Fromage
<i>Spain</i> - Factory Fromage
<i>Deaf</i> - Factory Fromage
<i>Blink</i> - Factory Fromage

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